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Who are we?

The Imbibe Tribe are local beverage producers, chefs, hospitality professionals, sommeliers and people like you and me. 


We are local growers, local producers and local suppliers. We ARE local. We create and cultivate communities, memories, and new knowledge as a means of strengthening our connections to our very special little world here in local Auckland, New Zealand. 



Much like our 400,000 year old ancestors, The Imbibe Tribe gathers around fire to eat, drink, bond, connect and share stories.

To imbibe is to soak up or absorb - this includes knowledge as well as drink. Our tribe is made up of a collaborative community of rad humans who make yummy things, give our time and share our knowledge generously. 


Every event is different with different beverages and tribe members coming together. New and established brands with novel ideas and the latest products. 

We come together to imbibe in good vibes, story-telling, music, learning, and of course - delectable food & beverages.

Essentially, we enjoy eating and drinking. Together.


Come and experience it for yourselves at our next tribal gathering, or get in touch to book us for an event of your own...

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